Living Solutions for a 2.0 World

I make million a year shipping 15,000 items to 192 countries and have been since 1989. I have been highlighted in 3 major magazines and a nationwide interview on 60 minutes with Barbara Walters. I am a decorated US Marine (disabled). I am married with 3 children. I started my businesses in 1989 with $138.00 as a homeless man. At my highest point I had 5 retail stores with 102 employees. Ideally I would like to obtain a licensed resellers agreement within 48hours. I only am available by phone Monday-Friday between 10am to 12 noon EST due to my family and global business commitments. I am only expressing the urgency because I have studied your websites and have spent more than 8 hours speaking with Eddie and I am ready to hit the ground running. PS I have direct access to muti-billion dollar providers of the full range of alternative health products and services. -- Darryl McCray House of Nubian Inc. Celebrating 29+ Years of Business (October 1989 to present) TF: (800) 290-0943 PH: (201) 547-3553 FX: (201) 200-9072 Skype: HouseofNubian1